Welcome to the Opportunity of a Lifetime


You may ask, “What does does purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, getting my vehicle serviced, or building the car of my dreams have to do with an opportunity of a lifetime?” It has everything to do with an opportunity to invest in the future of a child, and this great nation. AutoDuco sells pre-owned vehicles, offers vehicle service and repair, and can even build/ restore your custom classic car,  all while giving young Americans job experience in the automotive services industry through an apprenticeship program.  You can help the youth of America by receiving a service today.


Three men who have dedicated their lives to working youth decided that it was time for a change.  Rogelio Ornelas, James Nevels, and Chad McCarty all worked on the same high school campus of an inner city school in Fort Worth, Texas.  The norm of their campus was heartbreaking.  School suspension levels were high, and student academic success was not were it needed to be.  All three of these men were on the front lines when it came to student discipline, and had to make tough decisions daily on whether students received harsh consequences.   The question they continued to ask themselves year after year was, “Why wasn’t anyone paying attention to the students who were being suspended from school time and time again?”  Many of those students were also the same ones who were chronically absent from school, and they had a hard time fitting in socially.  Despite of their reputations, these students who seemed to be tossed by the wayside were some of the brightest students in the school.  They had been told year in and year out that they were not “good at doing school”.  With James being a school mentor, and Chad and Rogelio being school administrators, they decided to start asking students tough questions that started with “why” and not “what”.  This made all the difference.  The answers they received from the students would be very impactful for these three, and a game changing idea was born.


When students were sent to the office, or mentor for discipline reasons they would often state that they just “wanted to work”.  They didn’t mind going to school, but it was hard for them to see the true purpose of a valuable education when their needs at home were immediate.  There is nothing more important than a quality education.  The fact that more and more young people seemed uninterested in schooling made this an urgent matter.  Something had to be done.  Rogelio took his research a step further.  He started to take notice of students who were isolated.  Many of them seemed to have very little social interaction with their peers while at school, or outside of school.  To students that matched this criteria in this particular school, dropping out was more of a first option than staying in school.  Dropping out had become an expectation for some students, but that didn’t mean it had to be an accepted behavior.  What if students who did not fit in the traditional educational setting were allowed to attend home school and work part-time jobs in a profession that interested them?  This is where AutoDuco, LLC was born.  James, Rogelio, and Chad decided to quit their jobs so that young people like these would have the opportunity to have one.  They cashed in their retirement funds, scraped up all the cash they could, and opened up an automotive shop that would change the world.


AutoDuco is always looking for more youth to join our team, and technicians who share the common desire to grow the next generation to be better than the one before.  We pride ourselves in giving the youth of today options.  Although Chad, Rogelio, and James attended college, they understand that not every person will be able to do it.  The decision to not attend college should not heavily affect how successful you are as an adult.  At AutoDuco we feel that it is our responsibility to help all that we come in contact with to become the best that they can be.  We want to take them where they can’t take themselves.  It is our mission to provide automotive apprenticeships today’s youth for America’s future.


Our customers are very important to us.  By receiving a service, purchasing a car, or having your dream vehicle become a reality you are having a direct impact on the life of a child.  The same apprentice that is learning by working side by side with our highly qualified technicians on your vehicle also receives a paycheck.  That paycheck represents hope.  Many young Americans are missing hope.  Hope is neither tangible, nor transferable.  You must make your own hope.  Our business will bring hope back to some who may have lost it, or in some cases never had it.  We are selling hope to the hopeless in the dream that they will use that opportunity to increase hope in others.  As you navigate our website you will learn about our very unique vocational training program for high school aged students that we have intertwined within the automotive services that we provide.


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